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moonlover started this conversation

Hello...I am a recent organ transplant receipient who is trying to regain independance. I was a government employee with 20+ years on the job. My predicament is that I am desperatley needing dentures not only to regain my confidence to reenter the workforce but eating itself has become difficult. I suffered form tooth loss due to the heavy dosages of immunosupresents and steroids that I have to take. There is no way that I can pay the 15,000 estimated cost given my my dentist. I have heard that tere is a grant program available for these costs. Does anyone else find that it is ridiculus that doctors dentist and pharamaceutical companies get rich of our misiries and suffering. any and all advise will be appreciated. ALL ia want is to once again be productive.

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Hello and what ducky0621 suggested I tell people too to use and you can look here for more dental clinics


You can get low cost dental care at a University too that teaches students how to become dentist in their dental clinics. My sister and I went to such a clinic when we were young as my parents could not afford to take us to the dentist till later.

Best to you


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Hi Moonlover....i don't know how much this will help you but if you go to it will tell you of dentists in your area that can help you get affordable dental work done. Let me know what you find in your area.
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